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”Solitude” for Vogue Italia

Creative collaboration with French photojournalist Jérôme Sessini to bring to life his first fashion editorial showcased in Vogue Italia.


Photographed by Jêrome Sessini / Magnum Photos

“Solitude”, the story about the loneliness
 and the division of two solitary beings, living in the Athenian concrete jungle. 
The concepts of abandonment and in-communicability between men and women. Silence, distance, stillness, are explored aesthetically through the lenses of Magnum photo member Jerome Sessini in collaboration with DC Alexandra Mercuri.


“Working with a dedicated team, led by Alexandra Mercuri, has been a deeply meaningful collaboration and an inspirational process which has allowed me to rediscover the creative potential of photography.” Magnum Photos President Jêrome Sessini

Extracted from the Magnum Photos Press release
November 2018


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Fish Eye Magazine

From reportage to fashion a balancing act.


Vogue Italia

“Solitude” by Jêrome Sessini.



#creativedirection #production #casting #film #editorial

The Athenians

The prestigious photo agency Magnum Photos founded by the great Henri Cartier-Bresson commissioned AM Studio to bring to life an editorial portfolio for its multi-awarded photographer Jérôme Sessini.AM Studio collaborated closely with the photojournalist to create a story that will transcribe the intensity of his work into a series of editorial portraits. The Athenians narrate the intensity of each subject whilst being faithful to the photojournalist’s universe; grounded in reality then to adhere to any form of idealism.


Photographed by Jêrome Sessini / Magnum Photos

Portraits are ambivalent images : while most intimate and revealing of the intensity of each subject, they are in many ways a reflection of our time.



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A fresh outtake of the latest extraordinary pieces of watchmaking shot in our studio for Lui Magazine.

Photographed by Michel Sedan



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Wicked beauty

Collage has shaped the visual arts of the 20th century and this work
pays homage to the multiple possibilities of the art form,
combining photography, digital collage, painting,
the face becomes a digital canvas.


Photographed by Michel Sedan, analogue collage Alexandra Mercuri

An abstract dialogue between art and beauty.



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Naked but Safe Magazine

A Biannual review of art, fashion, culture and ideas.
In a world of ambiguous, confirmative, conventional journalism, Naked but safe,
a print biannual review of art, fashion, culture and ideas, stands true to what it believes in:
Being nonconformist. Exposed yet strong. Elitist yet egalitarian. Empowered, yet gentle. Visual yet eloquent with words. 


Photographed by Stratis Kas

The design by AM Studio draws its inspiration from the magazine’s “contradictory 
and non-manipulative” philosophy using typography in a disruptively unconventional manner. 



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The Quintessence project was initiated by creative director A. Mercuri and Michel Sedan.A photo essay, 
a journey and a pilgrimage. Two locations, the volcanic island of Santorini in the Aegean sea and South Africa.
Nature as Being knows no frontiers. Quintessence is a story about oneness.


Photographed by Michel Sedan

The body blends with the soil
Stones made of flesh
Earth dissolves with the carnal
Quintessence: a meditation
The observation of a changing world.

Nature as Being knows no frontiers. 



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Cold Moon

A tribute to the Kabuki theatre. 


Film & Photography by Alexandra Mercuri


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Prelude to a Dream

A tribute to the muted gestures and innuendos of body language, 
inspired by the monumental
work of Charlie Chaplin 
or our contemporary James Thierrée.

Photographed by Michel Sedan

Filmed @ AmstudioParis

“...I never get away from the notion that I am watching myself in the passing show. As I eat I think of changes in situations. I work while I play, with the result that I become myself, a piece of film.”

Charlie Chapling



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Crossroads & Transitions

A contemplative dance 
of the metamorphosis of being.

The book Crossroads and Transition from French photographer Michel Sedan include more than 200 images captured around the globe in more than 4 years, from his natal Provence to the favelas of Cape Town and the French Alps and Greece, the photographer pauses and reflects on the notion 
of time beauty and fate. 

Photographed by Michel Sedan

Rivers, animals, shores, passengers, the speed of life those paused moments as a contemplative dance of the metamorphosis of being.



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Casa Tomada for ‘The Breeder’ Art Review

Modern art gallery The breeder commissioned AM Studio to create an editorial story for the coffee table edition ‘The Breeder’. CD Alexandra Mercuri collaborated artistically with the Argentinian duo Artist Sofia Sanchez and Mauro Mongiello to create images that transcends fashion, ‘Casa Tomada’ is a story inspired by the poem of Julio Cortazar.


Photographed by Sofia Sanchez and Mauro Mongiello

“Irene era una chica nacida para no molestar a nadie.
Aparte de su actividad matinal se pasaba el resto del dia 
tejiendo en el sofa de su dormitorio...”
Casa Tomada, de Julio Cortazar



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Sixth Extinction
A project about the impact of humans on nature

From the Palaeozoic era 440 million years ago to this day, our Earth has gone through five extinctions, and is now plunging, as indications show, to its sixth. The sixth extinction project is a closer meditation on the impact that, we, humans have on nature. From The Glacier du Tour in Chamonix, to the rise of the sea level of Hidden Island in New Zealand to the Aiguille du Belvedere in the French Alps we document and meditate on this devastating reality.


Photographed by Michel Sedan

In just a handful of centuries, we altered the ecosystem more than we ever did in the previous 2.4 billion years.



A mini book for Magnum photographers

42 images bind on a red covered book to inaugurate the year 2019.
A limited edition pocket book from some of the world’s most renowned photographers:
Martin Parr, Christopher Anderson, Bruce Gilden, Alec Soth, Jerome Sessini and many more.

“The whole point of taking pictures is so that
you don’t have to explain things with words”

Elliott Erwitt