Magnum Photos, the most esteemed photographic
cooperative in the world invests in the creation of editorial
portfolios to reflect the extraordinary work of its members.

This initiative brought AM Studio Paris to collaborate artistically with French photojournalist Jérôme Sessini.

For 20 years, Jérôme has been documenting the most critical political and military conflicts in Kosovo, Lebanon,
Iraq and Syria, and has won some of the most prestigiousphoto-reportages awards.

“Solitude”, the theme of our editorial, is a story about the loneliness and the division of two solitary beings,
living in the Athenian concrete jungle.

Featured in Vogue Italia

Creative Direction   I  Film I Casting & Production

The concepts of abandonment and in-communicability between men and women, as well as silence, distance,
stillness, are explored aesthetically through a unique lens of the war photo-reporter Jérôme Sessini.
A story that transcends fashion and resonates with this photographer’s artistic approach.