A portfolio of past and present branding and design works.


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Antoine Antoniadis

AM Studio created a monogram logo as per the initials of Antoine Antoniadis, head designer of the namesake brand. The brand manufactures quality handbags and exclusive accessories. Almost like a coat of arms, the branded initials in brand identity and merchandising reflect the authority and ingenuity that the company’s exquisite quality represents.


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Hermes, Flannerie Parisienne   

Luxury brands have the unique capacity to create heritage through art.  

Hermès of Paris, the world’s most valuable luxury brand In 2015, opened the Wanderland exhibition that ran in London, with the exhibition moving on to Paris, Turin and China. The exhibition theme was flânerie, defined as wandering the city streets and absorbing the details of everyday life.  

AM Studio Paris collaborated artisticallywith photographer Michel Sedan to create the visual for the exhibition.

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An independent designer eye-ware bases in Athens Greece, the visual identity inspired by the marble engravings present in ancient temples pays tribute to the enlightened heritage of the brands' city of origin. Alongside the visual identity and brand equity, AM studio designed the packaging and consulted the collaboration of the capsule collection for Corso Como 10.

Enlite branding & equity

When brands embrace art, it engages people beyond its consumer base

For the Corso Como 10 capsule collection, we commissioned illustrious Greek American Artist Thepsy to create unique handmade pieces.

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Chanel J12

The ingenious, effortless black and white that has always been Chanel’s trademark and the J12 reflects the love for simple, yet bold and striking aesthetics of the brand. 
Watchmaking reinvented, this ceramic, innovative, elegant watch was given three different earthy backgrounds, which resemble the purity of the volcanic black sand, the whiteness of snow and the smoothness of bamboo-textured black vinyl, creating a statement of timelessness you can touch.


“Women think of all colours except the absence of colour. I have said black has it all. White too. Their beauty is absolute. It is the perfect harmony” Coco Chanel

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Caolion Beauty

Caolion, the first natural Korean skincare brand, was created by a visionary woman who drew inspiration from nature’s wisdom.

The brand commissioned AM studio to create visuals for the brand's European launch. The visuals explore the product's textures and magnify them to create landscapes that communicate the products benefit, made out of natures best.



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Chanel Rouge Allure

Creation of a press kit for the launch of Rouge Allure. The iconic packaging, inspired by the timeless Seagram Building in New York, drove AM Studio to explore visually the monumental object and accentuate the architectural-style aesthetic by the graphic bold typography.


To reflect the purity of purpose and strict lines, the design is academic and strict in form,
but just as alluring and sober as the brands DNA. 



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Di Gaïa

Luxury Shoemaker Elvira Pana, commissioned Am studio to create a logo to reflect the brands DNA “unique and earthly woman”. Di Gaîa's symbol, a spiral inspired by the tree's "heart"; a heart of concentric rings that symbolize the stability, strength, and endless rebirth given to women by Gaia, the primal Mother Earth Goddess.


The logo reflects the graceful, unbreakable connection that every woman has with the unique earthly powers.



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Enlite SS17 Campaign

The SS18 campaign images were created to use in-store, press kit, web campaign, and the Enlite look book. The Spring/Summer 2017 campaign resonates that very notion: timeless design equals enlightened vision, the city of Athens and its unparalleled beauty the set up for the creation of the campaign.



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Enlite SS16 / lookbook

The Enlite Spring Summer 16 look-book, focuses on color material and style. Still lives, and portraits were captured in the natural environments in Assinie Africa. The iridescent typography printed on lightweight paper highlight the notion of light and shape, two main characteristics of the Brands DNA.



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Bleecker & Love

A tribute to Asian minimalism


The circle is elemental in Asian symbolism as the beginning and the end,
the dual pole of everything and in this series of still and moving images
the face becomes a canvas



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Art & Culture Development Foundation
ministry of culture of Uzbekistan

Our design studio was commissioned to create a brand equity and logo for ACDF Foundation.
The prestigious institution aims to integrate Uzbek art into the global world as well as highlight the country’s cultural potential. The basis of this logo is the beauty of geometry, which is in the DNA of Uzbekistani and Islamic Art. These vocabulary elements express the order, harmony, beauty and dynamism in contemporary ways. The square gives stability, symmetry and rationality. The change of the angles create dynamic orientations. The central point is like the sun: radiating its light, symbolically it is radiating knowledge by sharing it. The circle symbolizes unity and infinity. It embraces all knowledge. 

“The basis of this logo is the beauty of geometry, which is in the DNA of Uzbekistani and Islamic Art.”

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Il Barretto stores are vintage Italian café bar-restaurants located in Golden Hall, Mc ArthurGlen and River West malls in Athens, Greece. They offer a variety of Italian coffees, as well as an assortment of dishes, including traditionally made pizza, pasta, and panini. We created the corporate identity, from branding, to packaging and all sales peripherals and emphasize on the quality and the authentic Italian ingredients used in the menu.



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Inbi Restaurant & Bar

Inbi is a fusion Japanese restaurant, offering exceptional tastes, unsurpassed quality and a journey through time. The ethos behind Inbi is the respect of the Japanese tastes and traditions, combined with a sense of style and class, the logo pays respect to that same tradition and respect of Japanese culture.